They Were The Red Brigades

In 1978 the kidnapping and sequestration of Aldo Moro sent a veritable shockwave through Italian television.

They were between 20 and 30 years old, and hailed from Milan, Rome and Reggio-Emilia. Some were students, others factory workers, and one of them belonged to a rural farming community.

On March 16th 1978, in a Rome under siege, nine of them managed to block the convoy of one of Italy's most prestigious political leaders, Aldo Moro, kill his bodyguards, kidnap him and shut him up in what they called a "people's prison".
This symbol of the Italian state was to be held in confinement for 55 days.

This shattering event, summing up in itself the whole period of Italy's "leaden years", was paradoxically to sound the death-knell of a movement that had, ten years previously, set armed revolution as its goal, in order to create a more just society by means of armed confrontation with the Italian capital, institutions and State

This documentary analyses this event from within the Red Brigade movement, telling the stories of the men who organised this kidnapping, defying the Italian State, terrorising Italy, and opting in the end to bring it to a tragic conclusion.

2011: Prize at the History Meeting of Documentary Cinema (Blois, France).