Cities of Tomorrow

We are at the dawn of a third industrial revolution. Urban populations are continuing to grow, and every week, one million people around the world move to the city. At this breakneck pace, by 2050, 70% of all human life will be concentrated in cities.

How will we deal with this urban population explosion and the colossal problems it will generate?

This issue has every country on the planet mobilized and raises a raft of big questions on subjects including sustainable growth, digital intelligence, facilities, transportation and energy.

Cities of Tomorrow will reveal this exciting and fast-moving race against the clock to ready ourselves for this new urban reality. It will explore a range of extravagant, utopian and fantastic futuristic projects in a wide range of areas to illustrate concrete prototypes offering actual solutions that are applicable now.

The series will take the viewer on a trip around the globe to discover the most innovative, emblematic and fascinating of these urban experiments, through three episodes: New Cities, Smart Cities and Urban Farms.